Financial Aid

We understand the economic constraints that many face today. The qualified A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary staff are dedicated to helping students successfully complete the process of applying for financial aid and paying account balances. We welcome questions as well as the opportunity to assist all students with any aspect of this process.

Tozer Seminary offers student financial aid at the graduate level as outlined by the U.S. Department of Education. Federal student financial aid is available to United States citizens and permanent residents who are not in default on prior student loans or do not owe a refund of any federal education grant.

In all circumstances, in order to qualify for federal financial aid, Tozer Seminary students must be enrolled in a minimum of five units of graduate level course work per term and the five qualifying units must apply toward a graduate degree; students enrolled in certificate programs or as non-degree-seeking students are not eligible for federal financial aid.

To apply for financial aid, several steps must be completed. Please go to the applying for financial aid page for step by step instructions.

Students must make satisfactory academic progress in order to remain eligible for financial aid. Please review the Student Financial Services Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (PDF).

Federal Financial Aid

Stafford Loans

Stafford loans are available to graduate students. Stafford loans are long-term, with a low fixed interest rate set by the federal government and repayment generally begins six months after the student graduates or ceases to be enrolled at least half-time.

For more information, visit our student loan page.

PLUS Loan for Graduate Students

This loan is available to graduate students, in addition to Stafford loans. This loan is credit based. The loan has a fixed interest rate set by the government, but repayment starts soon after the last disbursement. The loan amount can vary but can be awarded up to the full cost of attendance minus any other financial assistance received.

Once you have been awarded federal student loans, visit our student loan page. Loan funds will not post to your account until the loan request process is complete, a valid MPN is on file, and entrance counseling has been completed, if applicable.

Institutional Aid

Tozer Legacy Scholarship

Available to students who received their bachelor's degree from Simpson University. In order to qualify for this scholarship the student must maintain continuous enrollment once beginning a program with A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary. Scholarship award is 10 percent of tuition charges. Student's beginning the program summer 2010 or later will receive 50 percent off the first course in the program.

Youth Pastor Professional Development Scholarship

To qualify a student must submit a letter of support from their church, on church letterhead, indicating service as a youth pastor. Letter of support must be received annually. Scholarship award is 10 percent of tuition charges. Student's beginning the program summer 2010 or later will receive 50 percent off the first course in the program.

The Teaching Timothy Fund

The Teaching Timothy Fund was initiated by Mrs. Frances P. Owen to encourage the emerging leadership of The Christian and Missionary Alliance to pursue graduate theological education. Initial preference in awards is given to male candidates for ordination in the C&MA, with secondary preference going to ordained male pastors/missionaries. Award amounts typically cover tuition of two to six courses in one academic year.

The Dr. Richard W. Brown Family Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2007 by the family of Dr. Richard Brown, who served as director/dean of the Simpson Graduate School of Ministry from 1996-2005. First preference is given to students with a minimum of two years of full-time ministry experience; an undergraduate grade average of at least 2.5; and intentions of pursuing full-time pastoral ministry. Students who wish to apply for this scholarship should contact the dean's office.

The Bud and Rosemary Tozer Memorial Scholarship

Forrest "Bud" Tozer was the second son of A.W. and Ada Tozer. His children began the scholarship in 2007 to honor their father, who served in the Korean War as a Marine and was wounded. The scholarship is awarded annually, and preference is given to active duty or retired military servicemen or -women enrolled in a degree program at Tozer Seminary. Students wishing to apply for The Bud and Rosemary Tozer Scholarship should contact the dean's office.

Outside Scholarships

Any students receiving outside scholarships must agree to have all outside funds posted to their student account so long as there is an outstanding balance due. Scholarship funds payable to the student may be released directly to the student so long as the account is paid in full and Student Financial Services has been notified of the scholarship.