A.W. Tozer Seminary Tuition and Fees 2014-2015 Academic Year

Effective beginning fall 2014. Total semester cost is dependent upon the number of credits taken.

  • Tuition (per credit): $405
  • Tuition (per 3-credit course): $1,215
  • Tuition M-Div: $32,805
  • Tuition MA-IL: $21,870
  • Application Fee: $25
  • Audit Fee (per 3-credit course): $405
  • Admissions Deposit: $100
  • Payment Plan Fee: $50-$75
  • Late Payment / Late Registration Fee:  $100
  • Payment Plan Late Payment Fee: $25
  • Graduation Fee*: $50
  • Graduation Fee (late submission)*: $75

* One-Time Fee

Student Account Responsibilities

Payment of tuition, fees and other semester charges are the sole responsibility of the student. All payments are due on the 15 of the month prior to the start of the semester. Registration for any succeeding semester will be prohibited without satisfactory resolution of any outstanding balance owing from the previous semester.

Payment Plan Option

Simpson University provides several payment plan options. To be considered on a payment plan the appropriate payment plan form must be submitted to Student Financial Services with the first payment. Automatic payments can be made by credit card or electronic transfer from a checking account. Payment can also be submitted via check or money order by each payment due date. A late payment penalty of $25 will be assessed for any payment(s) not received according to the payment plan schedule. Simpson University allows a standard 5 day grace period for payment processing. Additional details regarding the payment plan fees (from $50 to $175 per enrollment) and due dates can be found on the current Payment Plan Form available on the Student Financial Services Forms page.

Refund Eligibility

To review the A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary refund policies, click here.

If you consider withdrawing from A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary during a semester, please read this important Withdrawal Notice regarding the possible impact of withdrawal on your financial aid eligibility for that semester.