Vows Worth Breaking

Most people make harmful vows as protection against being hurt again. They don't realize how harmful vows set into motion life-long consequences that prevent trusting and obeying God, enjoying his peace, and receiving healing from the original hurt. Some major destructive vows are crystallized in childhood without the child knowing what has happened.

Have you ever said or heard someone else say, "I can't do that," or "I'll never be a success," or "I'll never be able to forgive so and so," or "I'll never get married," or "Don't ever let someone get too close to you," or "Don't ever trust men (women)," or "I refuse to be in someone else's shadow," or "My head knows God's truth, but my heart just can't believe/accept it?" Those are harmful vows made in good intention that perpetuate the pain of the original incident that triggered the vow in the first place.

This seminar will train you in recognizing harmful vows in your own life and in the lives of others. It will give you the tools to be able to break the vow(s), examine the lies that fuel the self-limiting behavior and replace them with God's truth.

Do you want more of God? Greater intimacy? Do you want to trust God at a deeper level? Would you like to enjoy increased levels of peace and confidence? If so, this seminar is for you.

Presented by Becky Durben, M.A.

Becky Durben, MA in Global Leadership (Fuller Seminary), has a passion to develop a blessing culture in the Church. She wants people to be blessed, not cursed; encouraged and equipped, not discouraged and self-limiting. Becky is an unconventional teacher with a noticeable creative bent. She is also an intercessor with over 20 years of experience in prayer ministry. Being a former missionary to Bolivia, former children’s pastor, former church staff minister, former officer in a Christian university, and a current wife of 37 years and mother of three grown kids, she brings much to the classroom.

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Her current focus is to pursue publication and doctoral work. Her writing includes a new booklet, Blessings for the Battlefield & Beyond, which is written specially for returning warriors who need God’s healing and curricula such as “Boot Camp” (a resident camp curriculum for junior age children), “Camp Camelot and An Old West Adventure” (day camp programs for elementary age children), “Liberated from Freedom” (a resident camp curriculum for junior high students), and “How to Break Bad Vows and Increase Your Intimacy with God and Others.”

Conference Details


  • 5:30-9:30 p.m. on Friday, April 20
  • 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 21

Where: LaBaume-Rudat Hall Room 101 - Simpson University Campus

Cost: $150 per person

Registration for this event opens on March 1, 2012. Advance online registration is required. There is a minimum requirement of 10 participants for the class to proceed. (Refunds will apply if applicable.)

Simpson University staff and faculty should contact Tozer directly at (530) 226-4749 to register.

For more information or questions, please contact (530) 226-4749 or tozerevents@simpsonu.edu.