Tozer Gateway and Community Lectureship Courses

A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary’s community lectureship courses are select courses open to the public. The cost per course starts as low as $150 for each person. Attendees are given the course booklist and are encouraged to pre-read the materials to enhance their experience. Participants are also encouraged to attend any Tozer community events over the course of the week. These attendees are not required to complete any homework, they are given limited access to Tozer discussions and announcements and do not earn credit for attending the course. Any student who would like to have more access is encouraged to audit the course instead. All attendees are required to abide by Tozer policies.

Students who would like to earn an A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary Gateway Certificate of Participation can do so by taking five courses that are open to the public, completing a minimum of 12 hours per class. The classes taken can be a combination of community lectureship courses and weekend courses taught by Tozer graduates and other community members. The total cost to receive this certificate will be LESS than the price of one of our typical courses. Our classes will equip you for Kingdom work while at the same time supporting our seminary students for their Kingdom work! Come deepen your relationship with God.

Current or Upcoming Lectureship Courses

Please contact (530) 226-4749 or for more information about current and upcoming lectureships.

Past Lectureship Courses

Church Planting - Summer 2014 (June 2-6)

This course, with Dr. Rodney Anderson and Rev. Ray Van Gilst, introduces students to the complexities and issues that arise in church planting in the 21st century. It is a practical course that teaches students basic principles of church planting and the theological foundations on which to start a new work. It also will help students reflect on their talents, gifting, and personality in order to help each determine if they fit in church planting roles. Learn More

Leadership Strategies for Cultural Transformation - Summer 2013 (June 10-14)

This course, with Dr. Bill Such, is to help you to catch fire, burn, and make light. If you want to impact people with your ideas, understand what culture is and how it shapes us and even creates us, and then ask how being a disciple of Jesus plays into your influence, this course is for you. In it you will be led to articulate strategies for becoming a difference-maker in your own sphere. Drawing upon biblical narratives and events, historical examples from the past, and current practices of contemporary agents of change, you will learn new ways to address dominant ideologies in your surrounding culture and manage the complexity of your residency in this world. If you’re up for going to bootcamp, discipleship-wise, then sign up today. Learn More

Pursuing Wisdom - Spring 2013 (February 4-8)

The Book of Proverbs calls us “to get wisdom” (Pr 4:7-9). Wisdom is not something we are born with, but it is something that requires pursuing. During our course we will honor wisdom as something beautiful and join in a great adventure to find “her”—to pursue her. We will seek her within the Bible’s wisdom books of Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes. From these core wisdom books we will venture out into the rest of the Bible discovering wisdom in the Song of Songs, the Book of Ruth, Psalms, James, and the wise teaching of our Lord. It will be a great and worthy adventure. Learn More

Catalytic Leadership - Fall 2012 (October 8-12)

How do you lead in such a way that stirs other people to take action? What wisdom do leaders need in order to stimulate other people to good deeds? How much leadership is needed for leaders to guide whole organizations, even whole communities, into unprecedented health? What is sufficient leadership? What does it mean for a person or a company or a nation to make a deep change inside? If you're serious about leadership, then come to Catalytic Leadership. Find out in advance what the textbooks are and read them because this course is designed, not for head knowledge, but for life change—which means that all participants need to come prepared for the discussions. Learn More

Writing for Publication - Summer 2012 (June 4-8)

If you’re a Christ follower and you want to worship God by writing books, articles, hymns, poems, or screenplays, this course might be for you. The course is offered simultaneously in two different formats: 1) as a graduate level class and 2) as a writing seminar for rookies (who may never have been to college). Learn More

Coaching Leaders - Summer 2012 (June 4-15)

Coaching leaders is an intentional process of listening, inquiry, feedback, and encouragement that empowers leaders to help others gain focus, make strong decisions, and live out their God-given potential. Because studies show that ongoing coaching offers a 300% better return than training alone, this class is an invaluable, hands-on opportunity for those wanting to be better equipped with the competence and confidence to assist their clients, colleagues, family, and friends close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Learn More

Christian Apologetics - Summer 2012 (June 11-15)

A big part of sharing the gospel is explaining to people why we know the gospel is true. Do you have questions about how the Bible fits with science? Are you equipped to explain why it’s reasonable to believe in the resurrection of Christ and also believe in quasars? If you’re interested to learn about the logic of Christianity and how one scientist evangelizes people by sharing scientific truth along with biblical truth, then this course is for you. Dr. Ross can handle all the hard questions that anyone might bring. Learn More

Theology of Money – Summer 2011 (June 6-10)

This entry-level course introduces students to theological thinking and the difference between God and Mammon. The course deals specifically with the subject of idolatry. The course is highly practical, grounded in both the Old Testament and New Testament. It is designed to help students see the importance and power of money in proportion to the infinite power of God. Learn More

The Blessing Effect – Spring 2011 (May 13-14)

Do you know how to improve your life through blessing God and others? Are you ready to inherit the blessings of God and reach your potential? If so, this class is for you. The class' hands-on approach gives the participants the opportunity to learn how to bless themselves and those around them biblically. Learn More

Leadership Strategies for Cultural Transformation - Spring 2011 ( February 14-18)

This course is to help you to catch fire, burn, and make light. If you want to impact people with your ideas, understand what culture is and how it shapes us and creates us, and then ask how being a disciple of Jesus plays into your influence, then this course is for you. Learn More


*Also available for academic credit

Please contact the admissions office if you wish to register for academic credit (additional costs apply).